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Designed by outdoor enthusiasts, the Chia polyester sleeping bag liner will help extend the life of your sleeping bag while adding peace of mind while sleeping in dorms, hotels and hostels. This lightweight and breathable material adds subtle comfort to your sleep while keeping your sleeping bag protected from harmful body oils and daily dirt and grime. When traveling, bring the ultracompact Chia with you to keep a degree of separation between you and questionable hotel, motel and hostel beds and blankets. This highly versatile sheet will serve you well on all your adventures away from home.

The Chia sleeping bag liner is crafted using soft, durable, moisture resistant polyester. Like most bed sheets, the Chia is a welcome addition to any sleep system, allowing you to bring the comfort of home to the road. The inclusion of a hood provides extra length to the liner, perfect for taller users. A high grade, double sided, anti-snag zipper allows for smooth zipping each and every night. A secondary zipper, at the bottom, allows just the foot section to be unzipped. This feature is best used on warmer evenings to increase air flow, while still enjoying the comfort of a sheet over your body.

Built with ultralight campers and travelers in mind, the Chia is made to be as compact and portable as possible. At just 0.66 lbs (0.3 kg), you can easily add it to any suitcase, day bag or travel backpack. 

Folded Size: 6.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches

Open Size (with Hood): 87.4 x 30.7 inches

Open Size (without Hood): 75.6 x 30.7 inches

Weight: 0.66 lbs (0.3 kg)