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As a racer, you need the full-view experience! Nova is the result of many years of testing, racing and brainstorming together with the Worlds best athletes. Nova´s unique frame is designed to maximize your field of view, especially in the vertical axis. Don´t miss out on anything, whether it is vertical or horizontal.

Nova is equipped with a X-PC double lens for maximum anti-fog and durability. The 40mm

adjustable head strap comes with silicone for a safe and comfortable placement on the helmet.

The three layers of soft foam makes the PU goggle frame feel comfortable and gentle to the



If you’re an all-day regular glasses wearer, Nova is what we call an OTG (Over the glasses)

ready frame, made to fit over most glasses. Enjoy!

-Dark blue has a brown with gold rose multi lens
-Black has an orange with silver mirror lens