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Coconut Almond:
The Coconut Almond Built bar takes the best selling flavor to date, the original Coconut Built Bar, and magnifies the experience in unbelievable (read: mouthwatering) ways! Real coconut, almonds, and 18g protein make this one of the best bars ever created! Pure dark chocolate, amazing texture, and flavor that's out of this world

Cookies 'N Cream:
The classic flavor combination of Cookies 'N Cream comes to life in this latest creation from Built Bar. Covered in 100% dark chocolate, one bite in, you will forget you are eating a healthy protein bar. You're welcome.

Peanut Butter Brownie:
Yep, it's a whole new song now. Jelly has been replaced by brownie. And it's a match made in heaven! I mean think about it. You've got a bar with real peanut butter and peanuts, combined with the tasty goodness of a chocolate brownie. Now that's heavenly.

Salted Caramel:
Have you ever tasted luxury? Salted Caramel is truly the taste of luxury in every bite. You’ll enjoy delicious caramel, with just a dash of salt. And it’s all covered in 100% real dark chocolate. Treat yourself to something special. You are worth it.

These bars aren’t just strawberry flavored; Built Bar has taken their delectable strawberry base and mixed in REAL pieces of strawberry. All of this heavenliness in a bar with only 140 calories, 5g of sugar, and a whopping 17g of protein.

Have you ever had chocolate covered oranges? Ever thought you could have it while eating a protein bar? Well, now you can! The Orange Chocolate bar is the perfect combination of flavors--rich dark chocolate and orange! Is this really a protein bar? Your tastebuds won't believe it is eating something healthy. But we think that's okay. Don't you?