SHELTER ME SHELTER - 706569089592
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ShelterMe (Blue) is a lightweight, waterproof, thermal reflective, tear resistant, double-sided Aluminized/Laminate Fiber Scrim temporary emergency shelter with reinforced strap grommets and 2-sided zipper. It can be used in variety of ways such as a sleeping bag, ground cover, and temporary shelter. At 58"x82" when fully open, our ShelterMe is a great choice for hiking, camping, picnics, hunting, emergencies, backpacking, and more. When the weather gets rough and you need to stay dry and warm, take our ShelterMe out of your pack and survive.

• Double sided
 - Side 1 : Aluminized
 - Side 2: Laminate fiber scrim
• Size :
 - Closed: 29" x 82"
 - Open : 58" x 82"
• Waterproof
• Tear resistant
• Blue color
• Thermal reflective
• Strap gromments
• 2 sided zipper