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The SQWUREL (skwur-uhl) is an additively fun rappel device with a serious technical bite.  Over two years of hard work and 60 versions later the SQWUREL V1 was ready for release into the wild!  Here it is about one year later and Version 2 of the SQWUREL is now ready for release. 

SQWUREL V2 has been improved with three minor tweaks.  First the rope retention nub in tail hole 3 has been moved to the rear of the opening providing improved rope retention and allowing the tail to be shortened.  Second the ear of the Sqwurel has also been shortened to reduce hookiness (is that a word?).  Third the rope retention nub on tail hole 2 has been increased a tiny bit to provide improved rope retention.

The SQWUREL makes many canyoneering tasks safer and more enjoyable.  With the use of its unique tail, the SQWUREL allows quick easy adjustment of the friction level “on the fly” while the device is in use and fully weighted.  Need to adjust the friction from low to high as you descend a really long rappel?  Want to momentarily adjust to a lower friction level to cross a long horizontal section mid rappel?  Want to change the friction level while lowering a load?  The SQWUREL will allow you to adjust the friction while in use making these situations and many others flow more easily and safely.

The SQWUREL can be used with single or double ropes but it really shines when used with single rope techniques.  The SQWUREL attaches to the rope without the need to remove it from the carabiner or harness.

The SQWUREL rappel device / descender is not a real squirrel so the spelling may look a bit odd.  The real spelling is SQWUREL not squirrel, squirl, sqrrrl, squirel, etc.