OURAY CAYONEERING - 9780989347402
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Ouray Colorado has the highest concentration of quality alpine canyons in the United States of America. Exploring the waterfalls, narrows and tumbling cascades of the spectacular mountains near Ouray is the sport of technical canyoneering, the focus of this guidebook. These canyons have a very different character than the dry canyons of the Colorado Plateau, and require a different set of skills to safely descend.

Once an oasis for the Utes; later a center of silver and gold mining, Ouray is a major destination for outdoor recreation. Articles detail the geologic and human history of the area, to enrich your Ouray experience.

ISBN 978-0-9893474-0-2

11 ounces

Pictures, topos and descriptions of about 32 wet canyon adventures. Unfortunately, Ouray has rather a short season, usually about Aug 1-Sept 15th, depending on the snowpack. The canyons are fun, and Ouray is a great town to hang out in. See you there!