WORKBELT STRAP - 194794114095
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  1. 1.75" WORKBELT WEBBING STRAP (No Buckle)-- Fully compatible with all Men's 1.75" Workbelt buckles. These workbelt straps are designed to be ultra comfortable and hold your pants up (and tools, uniform, and EDC gear) all day long.
  2. UNLIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY -- The Grip6 A3 Guaran-damn-tee protects against any malfunction, accident, and all possible wear & tear. Our high-quality products were designed to last a lifetime.
  3. SIMPLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND COMFORTABLE BELTS-- No moving parts on this belt delivers a minimalist look with extreme durability.
  4. HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIAL -- The strap is woven with high strength nylon webbing.
  5. ONLY BELT WITH NO HOLES & NO FLAP-- The tail of the belt tucks behind the buckle, providing a clean, sleek look.
  6. VERSATILE FASHION -- 6 style of straps, perfect for business casual or outdoor adventures.
  7. ADJUSTABLE FIT -- 8 extra inches of webbing for the perfect dynamic fit.
  8. MADE IN THE USA-- Grip6 is a provider and supporter of good local jobs.